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Earnest C. Brooks Operations

Brooks Laundry
Michigan State Industries

Earnest C. Brooks Operations


Laundry Services

MSI laundry operations services MDOC's correctional facilities, several state and local governmental units as well as a number of healthcare facilities.  MSI's laundry operation is poised to service institutional customers in healthcare, confinement care, long-term care and education.  We can provide both traditional laundering and dry cleaning services using the latest in equipment and technology.  We are especially committed to teamwork and accountability to assure that our customers property is well cleaned and intact upon delivery.  This requires careful coordination between our crew leaders and launderers throughout the cleaning process.  




                             Brooks Laundry Works Skills Training


Through employment with MSI, prisoners at the Laundry develop both hard (industry-specific) and soft (social) skills, preparing them for employment after incarceration.

Soft Skills:  Decision Making, Communication, Teamwork, Reliability, Accountability, Punctuality, Adaptability, Listening, Literacy/Numeracy.
Hard Skills: Machine Operation, Machine Maintenance & Repair, Shipping & Receiving, Office Clerk, Quality Assurance, Order Fulfillment, Sewing Machine Operation, Laundry & Dry Cleaning, Pressing.  

  • We instill and promote a positive work ethic.
  • We provide opportunities for prisoners to learn marketable skills and gain from experience.
  • We contribute to the economic self-sufficiency of working prisoners and their families.