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Awards, Bags, Binders, Coasters, Cutting Boards, Signage,  Specialty Items, Name Tags & More!!

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Michigan State Industries

Awards, Bags, Binders, Coasters, Cutting Boards, Signage,  Specialty Items, Name Tags & More!!

Top Quality Business Boosters for Every Budget

In addition to producing over 1.5 million license plates annually, MSI’s License Plate Factory’s creative designers and craftsmen produce a wide range of  promotional items such as awards, business boosters and employee incentives.  The License Plate Operation in Adrian, MI uses the latest state-of-the-art technology in the art of laser digitizing and rotary engraving, hot stamping, and silk screening used to create high quality specialty products at guaranteed lowest prices. 
(Right:)  Members of the LBCC Midwest Chapter accept acrylic awards made by MSI at the annual "Community Pillar Awards Gala".



A group showing off their awards
Reentry Success!! Video

Reentry Success!!

Fred & Donna Kostrick are owners of a unique shop known as "License Plate Heaven".  Old scrap license plates are renewed and given a new life as a host of new and very fun promotional products.  A visit and tour to the MSI License Plate Operation inspired the owners to create a 501(c)3 non-profit to help paroling inmates get a fresh start in life.  Former prisoner Mr. Sims featured in the video successfully gained employment with the company and has become one of their most valuable employees.  The video was created as part of the 2020 NCIA Webinar presentation topic on Awards, Recognition and Promotional Products presented by (Now Retired) MSI License Plate Manager, Will Rondeau, Industries Production Leader, Joseph Downard, and Marketing Specialist, Tujauna (TJ) White. 

Rotary Engraving Technology

The MSI License Plate Operation has many varied design and construction capabilities. We are always open to considering new and unique requests from our customers for special solutions that meet their needs.  Thus, we welcome the opportunity to discuss any special items our customers might want that would align with our capabilities. Consider that by engaging with the services of the MSI License Plate Factory you will be helping  individuals develop life skills that will prepare them to become successful, productive members of society.  (Right:)  Rotary Engraving Machine In Action!!  

Rotary Engraving Technology Video
Digital Laser Technology Video

Digital Laser Technology

MSI is “Building Bridges to Success” by providing  real opportunities for Michigan adults in custody,  educating and empowering them to become law-abiding, tax paying citizens through successful work skills training at zero cost to Michigan taxpayers. 

  • We instill and promote a positive work ethic.
  • We provide opportunities for prisoners to learn marketable skills and gain from experience.
  • We contribute to the economic self-sufficiency of working prisoners and their families

(Left:)  Digital Laser Machine in action!!  Call MSI Sales Dept. at (517) 335-3771 to get your customized item ordered!!


Our products are not just limited to the categories listed above. Michigan State Industries Produces a variety of different types of products for all of your needs. Visit our products page to see everything that we have to offer.