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Hospital Innerspring, Foam Pressure Reduction Mattresses

Hospital Foam-Circle Panel
Michigan State Industries

Hospital Innerspring, Foam Pressure Reduction Mattresses

Hospital Innerspring, Foam Pressure Reduction

Innerspring Nylon-Circle Panel

Hospital Innerspring Units

This particular line consists of an Offset Free End Spring Unit for flexibility and comfort, covered with a 9.5 oz. Navy Colored Sure-Chek FFB Vinyl Ticking that is Hypoallergenic, Antimicrobial, Anti-static, Fluid, Stain and Fire Resistant.  The "H" series indicate mattresses with handles or "NH" without handles. 

Product# Size:   Price:
(No Handles)      
 36" x 75" x 7" $157.90
(With Handles) 
36" x 75" x 7"  $162.90  
(No Handles)
36" x 80" x 7"  $225.00 
(With Handles)
36" x 80" x 7" $225.00 
Hospital-bed innerspring placement

Sample Mattress Innerspring Placement

Sample Mattress Placement for Hospital Innerspring Mattress

Hospital Foam Pressure Reduction Mattress

MSI Pressure Reduction Polyurethane Core mattress is covered with a ChemSafe XP Plus PU Coated Nylon flame barrier Navy Blue colored Nylon Ticking which is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and features a four way stretch capability to ensure minimal friction and resistance for user.  The core is a CR Safguard 2 sided convoluted fire resistant Neoprene.

Mattress & Fire Test Documentation:

Product# Size: Price:
3270-PR (NEW ITEM) 36" x 76" x 4"  $415.00
3294 36" x 76" x 6" $380.00
3295  36" x 80" x 6"  $395.00 

Note: price & size update effective on item #3270-PR 5/5/22