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Allen Dow, Partnership Coordinator

Allen Dow was named Partnership Coordinator after working in the Strategy Division of the MVAA. Prior to joining the MVAA, Allen spent the past 20 years as the Court Services Officer for the 30th Circuit Court in Ingham County. In addition to his duties as a criminal investigator and warrant officer, Allen is most notably recognized for his successes in collaborating with community organizations for the development of alternative sentencing programs for the Circuit Court and the Dept. of Community Corrections. Allen has served in the armed forces for over 30 years; both active/reserves, including the Michigan Army National Guard. Allen is currently a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy Reserve and serves as the Executive Officer of an intelligence unit that provides support to the Kennedy Irregular Warfare Center and Naval Special Warfare Commands. 

Allen resides in St. Johns MI with his wife, Amy, an elementary school teacher, and their son, Ryan, a recent high school graduate. Allen and his wife both enjoy traveling throughout Michigan, or just spending time at their recreational property in Manistee, MI; where they enjoy hunting, kayaking, and visiting light houses along the Lake Michigan shoreline.

Allen holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science / Prelaw from Michigan State University and is a graduate of the United States Naval War College.