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MVAA Speakers Bureau

When schools help children understand the work and sacrifices that veterans have made for their country, we can build a strong, supportive state for veterans, service members and their families. MVAA is here for all veterans, no matter their background or service experience.

Enter the MVAA’s “We Support Proud Veteran Families” Challenge

Email to request information on how your school or classroom can participate in a no-cost statewide challenge to educate and bring awareness to your students of veterans and service members in your community.

Fridays are Remember Everyone Deployed (RED) days

Designate one Friday a marking period for faculty, staff and students to wear red as a reminder that there are service members in your community who may be deployed.

Nov. 11 is Veterans Day

Consider having a veteran or service member speak about their experience to your school or classroom.

April is the Month of the Military Child

Encourage all students, faculty and staff to wear purple on a designated day to support proud military families in your school.

Request a Free K-12 Presentation  

The Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA) is now offering free presentations to all schools, public and private, about the lives and service of Michigan's 550,000 veterans. Our school presentations introduce kids to the vital role veterans have played in serving and safeguarding our nation and their transition back home to Michigan. Our in-person and virtual presentations last between 20-45 minutes and are designed for kindergarten through high school students, with length of presentations depending on grade level. Our program can accommodate 20 to 300 students per assembly. As a state agency, all MVAA services are complimentary.

Click here to request a speaker

Operation Support America's Military

The Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA) has produced two engaging videos to inform K-12 students about the U.S. military and life as a veteran during Veterans Day and anytime throughout the school year.

The educational videos—titled “MVAA Operation SAM: Support America’s Military”—are publicly available on YouTube and appropriate to be shown in a classroom or auditorium setting. The videos check in at just over 10 minutes apiece.

The videos are specific to grades K-6 at MVAA Operation Support America's Military K-6 and grades 6-12 at MVAA Operation Support America's Military 6-12.