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Licensing & Credentialing

After receiving top-notch military training with practical experience and a proven competency, you may be able to bypass returning to a certification school and become licensed and/or credentialed quickly and easily.

The State of Michigan helps veterans get established in various professions by waiving licensing fees for certain occupations with specific levels of experience.

In collaboration with Michigan lawmakers and state agencies, MVAA works to implement policies that will put more veterans on a fast track to credentialing and licensure. Currently policies address fields in: health care, engineering and several skilled trades such as carpentry, plumbing, truck driving, mechanics and emergency medical technicians. 

MVAA can provide guidance on how to quickly obtain required training in professions that require certification in addition to your military training, such as dental hygienists' careers. MVAA can help you quickly obtain the required training.

Additionally, MVAA can help veterans licensed in nursing and medicine for the military to quickly become licensed to practice in Michigan.
The following websites can help service members find civilian credentials related to their military occupational specialty and gain understanding of what it takes to obtain these credentials, and, in some cases, help pay credentialing fees.

Officers seeking credentialing information for civilian occupations can use the following U.S. Department of Labor Web sites: