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Exploring Education and Career Paths

Choosing a career path is a different experience for everyone. You will want to consider how your personal and professional interests align, how prior experience and training will transition into a new career, and what skills and credentials you may need for the careers that interest you.

If you are getting started, or you want to consider all your options before moving forward, the VA provides Education and Career Counseling (Chapter 36) for qualifying service members and veterans. The program assist with evaluating what types of employment may be a good fit for you, exploring available training and education programs for your goals, and tips and tools for success.

You may also want to look at other tools for exploring your options. Using CareerScope, provided by the VA, you can use an online assessment (it's a tool not a test!) to learn more about your interests and skills. The information gathered is helpful in determining if what you like aligns with a particular career path.

Employment opportunities available after you have completed a credential or degree may also be a factor in the training or education program you choose. Information from the Michigan Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives will help you take a look at research on the labor market in Michigan. Research like high-demand, high-wage jobs on the Michigan's Hot 50 through 2030 publication, or Michigan's Career Outlook through 2028, highlighting in-demand occupations grouped by required education and training.

VA Educational and Career Counseling (Chapter 36)

Michigan Labor Market Information