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Professional Fundraisers

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Professional Fundraisers

Professional Fundraisers Must Be Licensed

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Professional Fundraisers for Charitable Organizations

Professional fundraisers for charitable organizations must be licensed under the Solicitations Act.

Before soliciting in Michigan, a professional fundraiser must:

The professional fundraiser license expires each year on June 30. To renew, professional fundraisers should submit an Application before the expiration date, along with a bond continuation certificate.

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Financial Statements

Professional fundraisers should also note that a CTS - 10 Campaign Financial Statement is due to the Charitable Trust Section ninety (90) days following the end of each campaign; if the campaign is ongoing, the Campaign Financial Statement is due yearly. 

This requirement does not apply to professional fundraisers that act solely as consultants.

Individual Solicitors. Individual solicitors that call donors or solicit door-to-door must also register by filing the CTS - 09 Registration of Professional Solicitor form. Registration is required for each individual solicitor.