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Gas Prices

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Increased Gas Prices? Again?

The Michigan Department of Attorney General protects consumers from price fixing and price gouging and can take action when circumstances warrant action.  

For example, a BP gas station on Ann Arbor Road in Plymouth was ordered to cease and desist from engaging in unlawful business practices in May.  

This consumer alert addresses commonly asked questions and discusses the role of the Department of Attorney General in investigating gas-pricing issues.  

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Michigan's Lemon Law: Avoid Getting Stuck with a Lemon

Does the Lemon Law Apply to Me?

Yes, if the following is true. 

  1. You buy or lease a new vehicle for personal, family, or household use. You can’t sell or lease it to anyone else. 
  2. You enforce the provisions and follow the terms of the express warranty.  
  3. Under the Lemon Law a “person” means a natural person, a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, association, unit, or agency of government, trust, estate, or other legal entity.

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Tow truck picking up and towing old broken down car on a roadside

How Do I Redeem My Vehicle?

To redeem your vehicle as the owner, you must:

  • Visit the custodian holding the vehicle within 20 days of the notice. A custodian can be the police agency, towing company, or impound lot.
  • Take your title or registration with you. They may ask you to prove that the vehicle is yours.
  • Pay towing and storage fees. You may be charged a $40 abandoned vehicle fee.

Warning: You have 20 days from the notice date to request a hearing. But after 10 days, a secured party can redeem the vehicle by paying all fees.

If you or the secured party do not redeem the vehicle or request a hearing within 20 days, it may be sold at public auction. You will lose all rights to the vehicle. At least five days before any sale, public notice will be published in a newspaper. It is published in the county where the vehicle was towed.

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