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Data Breaches

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Data Breaches

What to Do After A Data Breach Video

What to Do After A Data Breach

The number of data breaches and identity theft reports continues to rise every year. Scammers are on a mission to steal your personal information so they can commit identity theft. On average, there is a new identity theft victim in the U.S. every two seconds.

You need to take a data breach notice seriously. That notice means your personal information was released. You are now at greater risk for identity theft.

Learn What to Do After a Data Breach

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Data Breach Next Steps

Action Items

The most common thing that happens after a data breach is your information is misused. All issues must be resolved quickly to avoid identity theft.

  1. Find out what information was compromised and act accordingly.
  2. Pull your credit report and check it regularly.
  3. Put a fraud alert on your credit file.
  4. Consider a security freeze on your credit file.
  5. Consider credit monitoring.
  6. Take advantage of free services being offered because of a breach.
  7. Use two-factor authentication.
  8. Look for ways to minimize identity theft risk.

Review All Steps to Take After a Data Breach

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