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Government Scam

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Government Scam

IRS Imposter Scams Video

IRS Imposter Scams

Scam artists are pretending to be IRS officials to get your money. They'll call, email, or text you claiming you owe back taxes or there's a problem with your tax return. They even rig caller ID to make their call look official. They play on your fears. They threatened to take your driver's license or sue, arrest, or deport you. They want you to pay, fast.

What's the truth? The truth is the IRS's first contact with you will always be a letter in the mail. It's not a phone call, email, or text message.

Government Imposter Scams

Government Imposter Scams Can Happen to You

Scammers know that calls, texts, or emails from a government agency will get you to react, either out of fear or curiosity.  Replying to a spam message or phone call lets a scammer know that your information is active, and they may get a response. 

Government Agencies:

  • Will not email, call, or text you unless you first reached out to them by email, phone or text message.   
  • Will not request personal information through email, over the phone, or text.  
  • Do not offer grants or money.
  • Will never demand money through email, over the phone, or text. They will mail you a notice and offer payment options.
  • Do not ask for or take payment by prepaid gift card, wire transfer, cryptocurrency, or a pay app. 

Learn How to Protect Yourself from Government Imposter Scams

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Avoid Scam Calls Claiming to be From State and Local Health Departments

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Avoid Scam Calls

Be aware of scammers spoofing numbers from local public health departments and/or simply insisting that they are calling from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Do not fall for this! The callers may offer grants, medication, at-home COVID testing., or even claim that there is some type of complaint against you.  

Hang up on these calls! Do not provide any of your personal information if you receive one of these calls.

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