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Block Unwanted Calls

A senior woman confidently blocking a fraudulent phone call
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Block Unwanted Calls

How to Stop Calls on My Phone Video

How to Stop Calls on My Phone

A good way to deal with unwanted calls is to block them. Call-blocking software may help stop many of the unwanted scam calls before they reach you. 

Call-blocking features such as call block, caller ID, call rejection, and others may already be installed on your phone or provided by your service provider. Please note: call-blocking features may also stop legitimate calls.

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Fake Numbers on Caller ID

Neighbor Spoofing

Call-blocking technology can help stop calls from scammers push fake names or numbers to your caller ID. It’s helpful when the call is labeled as potential scam, but the tech doesn't always catch them all.

Be on the lookout for “neighbor spoofing.” This is when scammers where scammers call using a number with that shows your area code. Beware the next time a call shows up from what appears to be a local number and one that's not in your contact list. 

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