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AG Nessel Takes Action on Plymouth Gas Station Accused of Price Gouging

LANSING - A BP gas station on Ann Arbor Road in Plymouth has been told to cease and desist from engaging in unlawful business practices, Attorney General Dana Nessel announced today. 

Earlier this month, WXYZ, a Detroit-area TV station, contacted the Department of Attorney General related to the BP gas station at 39600 Ann Arbor Rd. in Plymouth Township following complaints from consumers

At that time, the gas station reportedly listed regular unleaded gas for $3.899 per gallon and premium gas for $4.899 per gallon. Those prices were nearly $1 higher than other area stations. 

An investigator with the Attorney General's office visited the gas station in response to WXYZ's story. Representatives for the gas station were offered an opportunity to show why the prices were justified based on base cost for the fuel, but declined to do so. 

The timing of the spiked prices followed the recent hack of the Colonial Pipeline, which did not directly impact Michigan supply despite having a direct effect in other areas of the country.  

As written in the notice of intended action against the gas station, their prices served "only to fuel anxiety and create the risk of an artificial inflation of gas prices in [the] community" and resulted in probable cause to believe the station engaged in an unfair trade practice. 

The gas station has 10 days to respond to the notice. Possible action includes a civil lawsuit or formal investigation. 

 "It is my hope this gas station will take this notice seriously and no further action will be necessary. Those who try to take advantage of consumers will always be held accountable," Nessel said. 

The notice of intended action sent to the gas station can be read online. 

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