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Turn Down Do-It-Yourself Sexual Assault Kits

Instead of furthering the “Me too” movement, do-it-yourself (DIY) sexual assault kits undermine the progress made in providing victims the care they need and bringing criminals to justice.

Important facts for victims of sexual assault in Michigan:

  1. Sexual assault kits are FREE to victims who seek medical attention within 120 hours of the assault.
  2. The evidence kit is part of the free sexual assault medical forensic examination that gathers evidence crucial to hold the assailant responsible. These inadequate and incomplete DIY kits do not collect all of the necessary evidence of an assault. These kits also will not provide the necessary chain of custody to prosecute offenders.
  3. The forensic examination is crucial because it identifies and treats injuries and provides medications to prevent and treat pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. 
  4. During the examination, specially trained medical professionals help victims identify emotional support resources, including those available on Michigan's sexual assault and abuse website.

If you or someone you know used a DIY or at-home sexual assault kit, please file a complaint with the Michigan Attorney General.