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Michigan's Crackdown on Robocalls

Scammers who see nothing more than dollar signs at the other end of the phone line beware. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and Michigan residents have had enough. AG Nessel is leading several efforts to protect Michigan residents from the billion plus robocalls made to them every year.

Robocall Initiatives

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Michigan residents have been on the receiving end of more than 1 billion robocalls annually since 2018.

Together with a team of state and federal partners, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has developed a plan to crack down on the number of illegal robocalls targeting the state's residents.

Under Michigan law, a robocall is simply a telephone call with a recorded message, in whole or in part.

Illegal Robocalls

You receive a robocall: 

  • You are on the National Do Not Call registry; 
  • The caller does not provide their full name, who they are calling for, or a phone number that if called will be answered by a live operator; or
  • The number on the Caller ID is fake, misleading or inaccurate.

Marketing goods or services to potential customers over the telephone is called telemarketing.

When you pick up the phone and hear a recorded message instead of a live person, that’s a robocall. Increasingly, telemarketing is being done with intrusive robocalls.

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Legal Robocalls

You receive a robocall from a person or business:

  • Whom you have given prior permission to contact you;
  • Whom you are already a customer;
  • Who requests a face-to-face meeting to sell you something;
  • That is requesting money for a charitable organization;
  • That is requesting money for public safety organizations (e.g., police and firefighter union); or
  • That is a political party, politician, or political action committee (PAC).

Robocall scams

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Don't Fall For Robocall Scams

Robocall scams are a pervasive issue in Michigan and across the country.

Don’t become a victim. Protect yourself by listening to actual illegal robocalls and reviewing the scam list.

Report Illegal Robocalls