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12.01: Creating a MILogin account and requesting reporting website access

12:01: Creating a MiLogin account and requesting reporting website access

To access the Employer Reporting website, you need to establish a web user account. The first step of this process is to create a MiLogin account. You can then request access to the Employer Reporting website. Begin by going to the Employer Reporting website and click the Open Account link in the top navigation bar.


You will be redirected to the MiLogin for Business website, where you will complete a 10-step process to create the account. (Note: This is not the same type account as a personal or citizen MiLogin account you might have for nonwork purposes.) Click Create an Account to begin.


  1. Enter your work email address on the next screen. Click the reCAPTCHA checkbox and then Next Step.


  1. Enter the passcode that was sent to your email account.


  1. Enter your profile information. Review the Terms & Conditions and click the checkbox to show that you agree to them. Click Next Step


  1. Enter your work phone number. Read the screen to understand what to do if you can’t receive a passcode at your work number.


  1. Enter the passcode sent to your work phone or click Skip Verification.


  1. Enter your mobile phone number if you wish to use it to verify or recover your account. Click Next Step or Skip this for now


  1. Select your preferred method for verifying your account.


  1. Enter the passcode you received in the previous step.


  1. Create your user ID following the guidelines on the screen.


  1. Create your password, following the guidelines on the screen. Enter it again to confirm it, then click Create Account.



Note: You may receive a page that displays an error message. This is normal and expected due to MiLogin programming. To continue, close your browser and log back into MiLogin for Business. 

  1. You will be taken to your MiLogin for Business account home page. Click Find Services.


  1. On the Discover Online Services page, in the Search for Services field, type some or all of “ORS Employer Reporting Website.”


  1. Click Search. The ORS Employer Reporting Website will appear as a service to be added. Click the arrow on the right of the screen.


  1. A Terms & Conditions window will appear. Read the terms and conditions and click the checkbox next to “I agree to the Terms and Conditions.” Click the Request Service button. (Until you check the box, the button will be grayed out.)


  1. On your MiLogin account home page you will now see the ORS Reporting Website available as a link. Click the link to return to the Employer Reporting website.

Last updated: 10/27/2023