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12.01: Creating a MILogin account and requesting reporting website access

12.01: Creating a MILogin account and requesting reporting website access

To access the Employer Reporting website, you need to establish a web user account. The first step of this process is to create a MILogin account and request access to the Employer Reporting website.

  1. Go to the Employer Reporting website and click the Open Account link in the top navigation bar.

Reporting site

  1. You will be redirected to the MILogin for Third Party website. Click SIGN UP to create an account. (Note: if you already have a MILogin for Third Party account, enter your credentials and click LOGIN. However, this is not the same as a personal or citizen MILogin account you might have for nonwork purposes.)

  1. Complete the fields on the Profile Information screen to create a profile. The email address you enter must be the same one you will enter on the reporting website when creating a user account. The work phone number will allow you to receive phone calls with your MFA pin, and your mobile number will allow for texts with your MFA pin. Check the box next to "I agree to the terms & conditions" and click NEXT.

Entering Profile Information

  1. On the Security Setup screen, create a user ID and password following the guidelines explained on that screen. If your user ID is not available, you will need to change the four-digit number at the end of it. When the user ID you enter is available, a green check will appear next to it.

ID and Password Setup

  1. You will also be prompted to select one or more security options, the method(s) you want to use for password recovery: Email, Mobile (Text/SMS), or Security Questions. If you choose Mobile (Text/SMS), you will be sent a PIN and will need to enter it to verify it and continue. When all fields are completed, click CREATE ACCOUNT.
  2. Security Options

    1. If all fields on the Security Setup screen are properly completed, the following screen will appear. Click REQUEST ACCESS.

    Error to request access

    1. You will be taken to your MILogin home page. Click Request Access link on this page.

    1. Search for the application called ORS Employer Reporting website. Enter "ORS Employer Reporting" in the search box.

    Request Access -Search Applications

    1. The following screen will appear. Read the terms and conditions. Select the "I agree to the terms & conditions" radio button and click REQUEST ACCESS.

    DTMB Terms and conditions

    1. Complete the fields on the Additional Information screen. These fields may be prepopulated with information you input earlier in the process. The email address must be the same one you will enter on the reporting website when creating a user account. Click SUBMIT.

    1. A confirmation screen will appear. Click HOME to return to the MILogin home page.

    Access confirmation

    1. From the MILogin home page you will now see the ORS Reporting Website available as a link.

    MILogin Home Page Updated

    1. A Terms & Conditions window will appear. Read the terms and conditions and click Acknowledge/Agree.

    Terms and Conditions Acknowledge-Agree


    1. The MILogin Multifactor Authentication screen will appear. The options that appear on this screen depend on whether you provided a mobile number in your account profile. You will see a screen similar to this:


    1. On the next screen, enter the passcode that you received using the method you selected above. Click SUBMIT to be returned to the Employer Reporting website, where you will create a web user ID.

    MFA Enter Passcode

    Last updated: 06/07/2022