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12.03: Updating your user account

12.03: Updating your user account

Web users can update their own email address or add an employer (reporting unit) number on their account profiles - the Web Administrator is not required. A web user cannot update a name or change an employer (reporting unit) number. REMINDER: Your email address for the Employer Reporting website must match your MILogin email address. Please update your email address with MILogin or you will be locked out and will not be able to access the reporting website.

  1. From the Employer Home Page, click the Update My Profile link. Enter your updates in the appropriate fields of the Update Profile Form. Click NEXT.

  1. The next screen will ask you to validate the information you entered. Review all the information. If any information is not correct, click Cancel and return to Step 2 above. If it is correct, click Save Account at the bottom of the screen.

 My Account Validation

  1. The Wage and Contribution Reporting Certification screen will appear. Review the information on this screen. Click I Agree. A confirmation screen will appear.


Last updated: 11/16/2021