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12.00: Managing employer contacts

12.00: Managing employer contacts

Employer contacts are personnel in your reporting unit who ORS may need to contact. All contacts are either web users or business contacts. Web users are those who have access to the Employer Reporting website, including Web Administrators, Employer Reporting, Member Inquiry and Payment Processor contacts. Business contacts are resource staff who do not have access to web reporting, but ORS may need to contact them for other purposes. Business contacts include superintendents, administrators, business officials, technical employees, human resource staff, and escalation contacts. Escalation contacts are those we would contact if reports or payments have not been submitted or posted, and we have already contacted the payroll person who works on the reports and payments without success.

Once a year ORS sends each reporting unit a Reporting Authorization Certification form for the superintendent or other chief administrator to complete. One purpose of it is to ensure that all business contacts and web users of the online retirement reporting system have been correctly identified, with accurate and current contact information, and that their level of access is appropriate. See section 1.03.04: Reporting Authorization Certification

See section 1.03.01: Web user account types for a list of web user account types and their roles. See section 1.03.03: Contacts for a list of business contact account types and their roles. 

A reporting unit's Web Administrator maintains contact information and can manage the accounts for all web users except the Payment Processor, as well as control access to reporting unit data. Web Administrators can:

  • Activate and reactivate accounts.
  • Inactivate accounts.
  • Update accounts.

Web Administrator and Payment Processor user accounts must be created by ORS. For instructions see sections:

Other web user accounts can be created by the prospective user or the Web Administrator. See section 12.02: Creating a web user account and ID. After creating a user ID, the web user notifies the Web Administrator that the account requires activation. Only Web Administrators can activate a user account. See section 12.08: Activating or reactivating a user account.

Last updated: 11/16/2021