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8.04.01: The Download Detail spreadsheet

8.04.01: The Download Detail spreadsheet

The Download Detail link on your View Report Totals screen (See section 7.01.08: Using the Download Detail link) shows your submitted retirement detail report in a spreadsheet format. It can be viewed from both posted and unposted payroll reports. This spreadsheet is exceptionally helpful in finding discrepancies in reported vs. calculated Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution member and employer contribution amounts.

The download detail image above has been modified to show only columns M through R.

The member and employer reported columns are the amounts your reporting unit reported to ORS on Detail 2 (DTL2) and Detail 4 (DTL4) records. The member and employer calculated columns are the amounts ORS calculated based on the employee's member benefit plan. The discrepancy columns are the difference between what was reported compared to what ORS calculated. Section 7.01.08 Using the Download Detail Link breaks down all columns in greater detail.

This image shows that only three records have a discrepancy for member contributions, but all the records have a discrepancy with employer contributions amounts. This reporting unit needs to reconcile the differences between their records and ORS calculations to avoid shortfalls and to report the correct amounts on their next payroll report.

Last updated: 04/13/2012