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10.10.02: Post-tax employer payment

10.10.02: Post-tax employer payment

When a reporting unit is paying for a post-tax purchase of service credit for an employee, you must submit the payment with a copy of the completed member billing statement. Please also include the employee's name, Social Security number and reason for the payment and indicate that it is a post-tax payment on the check stub. See section and 8.01.03: Post-tax employer payment for service credit purchase by an employer for further information on purchases made by a reporting unit.

If the post-tax payment is being made to pay off an existing tax-deferred payment (TDP) agreement these steps must be followed:

  1. The employer verifies that the employee has an existing TDP agreement.
  2. The employee is terminating within 90 days or has a retirement application on file at ORS.
  3. The employee completes the Payoff Payment Options for a TDP Agreement (R0518C) form, signs it, and gives it to the employer. The form is available on the member website.  
  4. The employer submits the post-tax payment with the completed Payoff Payment Options for a TDP Agreement (R0518C) form. Please note: A payroll official's signature is not required for this payment type.
  5. This payment must be made by paper check. There will be no $50 paper check fee as this is considered a post-tax payment made by the employee and not the employer. This payment should always be kept separate from your retirement contribution payments made online to the Contribution & TDP cash receipt type.

Last updated: 07/16/2014