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About the Opioid Settlements

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Nearly $1.6 billion by 2040

Michigan governments are slated to receive nearly $1.6 billion from opioid settlements by 2040. Fifty percent (50%) of the settlement amount will be distributed directly to county, city, and township governments.

The remaining 50% will be distributed to the state government's specially designated fund, The Michigan Opioid Healing and Recovery Fund.

Opioid Settlement Payment Estimator

2024 State Opioid Settlement Investments

Opioid Resources & Help

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Opioid addiction knows no social or economic barriers; it doesn’t care about race or gender. It claims young and old alike. The Michigan Department of Attorney General is committed to fighting this crisis.

The documents related to the State's opioid litigation are available to the public and can be reviewed under resources. 

Find Additional Opioid Resources & Help

Opioid Settlement Resources

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Opioid Settlement Resources

There are resources available that can help you better understand opioids and the impacts they have had on Michigan communities. There are also a variety of no-cost technical assistance offerings to help counties and municipalities as they plan for investing settlement dollars.

MDHHS Opioid Settlement Dashboard & Resources

MDHHS' Opioid Settlements Dashboard website

Opioid Advisory Commission

Public Act 84 of 2022 created the Opioid Advisory Commission in the Legislative Council.  The commission meets regularly and makes an annual report to the Governor, the Attorney General, the Senate Majority Leader, the Speaker of the House, and the chairs of the Senate and House appropriation committees. 

Opioid Advisory Commission Dashboard

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Michigan Association of Counties (MAC) Opioid Settlement Resource Center Dashboard

The total estimated funds to be received across Michigan is approximately $1.5 billion with an estimated state share of $847 million and an estimated local government share of $725 million. These totals are estimated based on the following settlements: Distributors, J&J, Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Allergan, Teva, McKinsey & Co., Mallinckrodt, and Meijer.

View Settlement Funds by Company for Michigan Counties

MAC Opioid Settlement Home Page Dashboard: settlement funds by Michigan county

Opioid Settlement Funds Implementation in Action

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Monroe County

The Monroe County Substance Abuse Coalition Opioid Strategic Plan was released in September 2020, and a part of this plan included public safety strategies to reduce substance use and misuse in Monroe County.  A collaboration of representatives from local organizations was established to focus on improving data consistency/sharing and creating an Overdose Fatality Review Committee (OFRC).  Initial metrics were identified, and data collection for these metrics is sought on a quarterly basis.  A dashboard of these data points was created for your reference. The data for these metrics will be updated on an annual basis on the dashboard.

Visit the Monroe County Opioid Analytics Dashboard