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In 2018, more Michiganders died from drug overdoses than car accidents. Opioid addiction knows no social or economic barriers; it doesn’t care about race or gender. It claims young and old alike. The Michigan Department of Attorney General is committed to fighting this crisis.

The documents related to the State's ongoing opioid litigation are available to the public and can be reviewed under resources. 

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Apply for Additional Opioid Funding

A Special Circumstance Fund was created by the Michigan State-Subdivision Agreement for Allocation of Distributor Settlement Agreement and Janssen Settlement Agreement (“State-Subdivision Agreement”).  Local governments, as defined by the State-Subdivision Agreement, may apply for additional opioid abatement funding to address a special circumstance of the opioid epidemic not captured by the metrics used to calculate the local government’s allocation percentage.  The metrics can be viewed here: Negotiation Class Metrics.

The deadline for applying is October 28, 2022.  Please note that if you hire an attorney to complete your application, your local government is responsible for those attorney fees.

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Opioid Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one are in need of opioid addiction treatment, use the button below to find resources, list of treatment facilities and other resources.

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