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Public Administration Division

The State Public Administrator is a statutorily mandated position under state law. The State Public Administrator is considered an interested party in probate estates matters where there are no known surviving heirs of the decedent, as well as guardianship and conservatorship proceedings in which the protected person has no living family members that would qualify as presumptive heirs at law. In addition, the State Public Administrator supervises each appointed local County Public Administrator (County PA) in the 83 Michigan counties who serve as personal representative of certain decedent estates where the decedent died intestate and there are apparently no known heirs. The County PAs are responsible for the determination, collection, liquidation, and distribution of any assets in those estates. Litigation in this area involves determining the validity of questionable wills, determining heirs in estates, resisting fraudulent claims, and ensuring distributions as provided by law. The State Public Administrator also provides legal services for the Department of Treasury's Abandoned and Unclaimed Property Division.

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