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Labor Division

The Labor Division provides legal advice and representation to State entities that regulate or adjudicate various employment issues and provide various workforce benefits in accordance with Federal and State Constitutions, laws, and regulations. The Division has offices in Lansing and Detroit, and is split into three sections: Regulatory, Unemployment, and Workers’ Compensation. 

The Regulatory Section provides legal counsel to over 35 State agencies, boards, and commissions charged with regulating various issues, including employment conditions and pay, safety, licenses, workforce development, and worker rehabilitation. Section attorneys appear on behalf of these client agencies in contested administrative hearings, and in original and appellate actions at all levels of state and federal courts. 

The Unemployment Section represents and counsels the Unemployment Insurance Agency and its Director as it pertains to implementation and administration of various federal and state laws involving unemployment insurance benefits and unemployment insurance taxes. Section attorneys appear on behalf of the Agency in contested administrative hearings and in original and appellate actions at all levels of state and federal courts, including bankruptcy court.

The Workers’ Compensation Section represents and provides counsel to all State agencies and the Funds Administration and its Board of Trustees. The Section also provides counsel to the State’s Third-Party Administrator for workers’ compensation claims. Section attorneys represent the Office of the State Employer and defend State agency employers in workers' compensation cases filed by State employees in administrative tribunals and appellate courts and litigate workers' compensation claims in administrative and judicial hearings, on behalf of the Second Injury Fund, the Self-Insurers' Security Fund, and the Silicosis, Dust Disease and Logging Industry Compensation Fund.

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