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Criminal Investigations Division (CID)

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is the sworn Law Enforcement Division within the Attorney General’s Office that provides investigative support throughout the State of Michigan. Attorney General Dana Nessel established the Criminal Investigations Division, transforming the way the department managed its investigative resources. The division was led by a Chief of Investigations.

This newly formed division assumed the formidable responsibility of overseeing an extensive spectrum of criminal investigations, ranging from white-collar crimes to corruption and beyond. Over time, the division has undergone continuous growth and refinement, cultivated expertise and broadened its investigative capacities.

Today, the Criminal Investigations Division stands as the central hub for handling all criminal investigations brought before the Department. Within its organizational framework, five distinct sections have been established, each with a unique investigative mandate. These sections include Financial Crimes, Special Investigations, Major Cases, Executive Protection, Felony Non-Support, and Gaming.

Within the Criminal Investigations Division, there are numerous opportunities for Agents to be assigned to State and Federal specialized task forces. Additionally, the Criminal Investigations Division employs individuals with expertise in polygraph examination, digital forensics, and forensic interviewing, among other critical areas that enable the division to conduct comprehensive and effective investigations.

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