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Health Care Fraud (HCF) Division

The Attorney General's Health Care Fraud (HCF) Division investigates and prosecutes Medicaid provider fraud and complaints of abuse and neglect in residential care facilities. The Health Care Fraud Division is one of 53 federally certified Medicaid Fraud Control Units. It is a self-contained investigation and prosecution division with attorneys, auditors, investigators, and support staff. Medicaid fraud investigations and prosecutions can include false billings, unlawful delivery of controlled substances, practicing medicine without a license, kickbacks, and bribery schemes. Abuse and neglect investigations and prosecutions may include physical assault, criminal sexual conduct, identity theft, theft of residents' property and funds, and vulnerable adult abuse in Michigan resident care facilities. The division also has authority to initiate civil actions for Medicaid overpayments. In conducting its activities, it may also work with other agencies such as the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of Justice, Michigan State Police, state regulatory agencies, local law enforcement agencies, and private health insurance companies.

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