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State Operations Division

The State Operations Division has a diverse legal practice and provides legal support and representation to a variety of state agencies. Due to its diverse responsibilities and size, the State Operations Division is arranged in two practice areas: Transactional/IT and Litigation/eDiscovery. Each practice area is supervised by a First Assistant. The Transactional/IT practice area has a Transactions Section and a Technology Section. It represents the Department of Technology, Management and Budget in procurement and budget matters and provides IT support for the Department. The Litigation/eDiscovery practice area has a Retirement Section, an eDiscovery Section, and a Litigation Section. Among other agencies, it represents the Office of Retirement Services and the Michigan State Police, and provides eDiscovery support for the Department. The Division provides training and representation for all of state government on matters related to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Open Meetings Act (OMA) and handles matters related to municipal and governmental affairs.

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