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  • You should call the Department of Health & Human Services.  All of the offices are listed on their website. The Child Protective Services number is listed there.

    You can also call 800-942-4357.  By statute, your name must be kept confidential unless you agree for it to be released or a court orders it to be released.

  • Most law enforcement agencies in the state have internal procedures to investigate citizens' complaints.  Generally, complaints against a law enforcement agency or its officers can be resolved by following those procedures.  If resolution cannot be obtained, you may wish to contact the county prosecuting attorney who has jurisdiction over the police agency involved in your complaint.

  • The Attorney General's Criminal Division investigates and prosecutes crime throughout the State.  However, criminal cases which are local in effect are rarely prosecuted by the Attorney General.  Such cases are more appropriately pursued by local officials and citizens are urged to bring such cases to their local police and county prosecutor.  The types of cases that are typically investigated and prosecuted by this office are:

    • crimes where the state is a victim;
    • political corruption and police corruption;
    • cases of statewide significance where the prosecutor has rejected the case or asked for assistance;
    • cases where the prosecutor has been disqualified; and,
    • Organized crime, racketeering and money laundering.