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Criminal identity theft occurs when a fraudster is arrested or prosecuted for a crime while using your personally identifiable information. You will need to dispute the criminal charge or conviction in order to clear your name.

If The Fraudster Was Arrested For A Crime While Using Your Personally Identifiable Information In The State Of Michigan

  • Contact the law enforcement agency that made the specified arrest
    • If you are not sure which agency made the arrest review court records held by the county in which the arrest occurred
  • Once the proper law enforcement agency has been identified, you will need to file a report with that agency
    • It may be necessary to provide your fingerprints, a photo of yourself, and any documentation you have regarding the fraudulent arrest 
    • You should ask the law enforcement agency to compare your personally identifiable information to the file information 
  • If the agency investigation finds that you did not commit the listed crime, you should ask for a letter or police report documenting that finding
    •  You should keep this document with you at all times
    •  Be sure to also keep records of any other documentation pertaining to the fraud
  • If the fraudster was convicted of a crime while the individual was using your personally identifiable information in the state of Michigan
    • You should contact the court where the conviction took place to determine what authority handled the prosecution
    •  After you have obtained the clearance documentation from the arresting police agency, contact the prosecuting authority, and ask the prosecuting authority to assist you with clearing your name in court records

Contact The Michigan State Police To Have Your Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) Information Corrected

You should send the documentation you received from the arresting agency and from the prosecuting authority to:

Michigan State Police
Criminal Justice Information Center, Criminal Identification Team
P.O. Box 30634
Lansing, MI 48909

If The Fraudster Was Arrested Or Convicted While Using Your Personally Identifiable Information In Another State

  • You should contact the state’s agency that is responsible for challenging criminal records and then follow that agency’s instructions