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Attorney General Nessel Eager to Tackle First AG Opinion Request from Gov. Whitmer

LANSING - Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel welcomed the first AG opinion request to hit her desk from Governor Gretchen Whitmer – a detailed six-question request questioning the legality of PA 359 (the Mackinac Straits Corridor Authority).

“There are serious and significant concerns regarding PA 359, which the previous governor and legislature initiated and passed without the care and caution one would expect for an issue that will have a monumental impact on our state,” said Nessel.  Both Nessel and Whitmer have been vocal about their concerns regarding Line 5.

“Governor Whitmer has rightly – and immediately – raised important questions about the legality and statutory underpinnings of this Act and my office is prepared to tackle her request for an opinion immediately,” added Nessel.  “I encourage any interested or concerned party to forward a brief or legal memo on the issues raised by the opinion request.”

Nessel also cautioned against relying on PA 359 to move forward with any plans related to Line 5.

“Let me remind those who stand to benefit from this Act: take heed that this request raises serious legal concerns. In no way should any entity rely on this Act to move forward unless and until these matters have been resolved.”

While there is not a specific timeline for issuing the opinion, Nessel said it is a top priority for her office.