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Michigan Attorney General Withdraws State from Eight Federal Cases

LANSING — Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel directed her office to withdraw Michigan from eight federal cases today, saying “As Michigan’s Attorney General, I will not use this office to undermine some of the most important values in our state, including those involving reproductive rights and the separation of church and state.”

These four cases limit a woman’s reproductive rights:

  • EMW Women’s Surgical Center v Glisson (Sixth Circuit 17-6151) 
  • Pre-Term Cleveland v Himes (Sixth Circuit 18-3329)  
  • Garza v Azar (DC Circuit 18-5093)
  • Planned Parenthood of Ohio v Himes (Sixth Circuit 16-4027)

This case would allow discrimination based on sexual orientation:

  • Horton v Midwest Geriatric Management (Eighth Circuit 18-1104)  

These three cases violate the separation of church and state:

  • Freedom From Religion v Lehigh (Third Circuit 17-3581)
  • Gaylor v Mnuchin (Seventh Circuit 18-1277, 1280)
  • Barker v Conroy (DC Circuit 17-5278)