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MI Attorney General Withdraws State from Four Additional Federal Cases

LANSING – Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has filed motions to withdraw the state of Michigan from four federal lawsuits that dilute the civil rights of Michigan residents. 

Michigan is withdrawing from two cases that would make it more difficult for Americans to register to vote and maintain their registrations:

  • Fish v Kobach (Tenth Circuit, 18-3133 & 18-3134)
  • Greater Birmingham Ministries v Merrill (Eleventh Circuit, 18-10151)

Michigan is withdrawing from these cases because they would limit state and local governments from establishing their own law enforcement priorities regarding immigration:

  • Lopez-Aguilar v Marion County (Seventh Circuit, 18-1050)
  • United States v California (Ninth Circuit, 18-16496)

“Michigan is a melting pot of legal residents who have come here from every corner of the world,” said Nessel.  “This office will not take any action that would limit full and active participation as voters and as residents.”