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Nessel Announces Human Trafficking Commissions Annual Report

LANSING – To conclude Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel today announced the release of the Michigan Human Trafficking Commission’s 2020 Annual Report, which is available online at the Attorney General’s website. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Commission still found ways to carry out the important work focused on combating human trafficking here in Michigan. The annual report is provided to the Governor and Legislature each year to summarize those efforts. 

“Despite the ongoing pandemic, the Michigan Human Trafficking Commission has not lost sight of its objectives and has persevered through these challenging times by continuing to raise awareness, provide trainings and outreach, and pursue opportunities so that our state is better positioned to address human trafficking,” Nessel said. “I commend each member of the Commission for their devoted efforts, and look forward to working with Gov. Whitmer and the Legislature in this new term to advance our legislative proposals and provide additional tools and resources to combat this heinous violation of human rights.”  

The Commission accomplishes its work through seven subcommittees: Training and Education, Data Collection and Research, Victim Services, Public Awareness, Policy and Legislation, Courts, and Funding and Resources. The 2020 report provides an in-depth review of each committee’s work along with a plan for 2021. Looking ahead, a number of goals for 2021 include:  

  • Working to reintroduce a legislative package equipped with 30 bills addressing issues related to human trafficking;
  • Implementing statewide best practices for interacting with survivors of human trafficking;
  • Further expansion of resources available on the recently redesigned Commission webpage;
  • Deployment of safe in-person listening sessions with COVID-19-compliant protocols for victims of human trafficking; and
  • Identifying additional funding partners.   

As part of its role on the Commission, the Michigan Department of Attorney General continues to provide information via its website and social media channels to bring awareness to this important issue. As part of that continued commitment, Attorney General Nessel recently partnered with Uber and Polaris in a video message to ensure Michiganders know what they can do to help someone who might be a trafficking victim.  

More information on the Human Trafficking Commission and how to report and identify the crime is available here.   

A copy of the 2020 Michigan Human Trafficking Commission report can be accessed here.