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Doctor Loses License for Year for Neglecting Professional Duties, Decorum

LANSING – A doctor accused of negligence, incompetence, and making inappropriate sexual advances toward patients, among other violations of the Public Health Code, has been fined and had his license suspended for a year, Attorney General Dana Nessel and LARA Director Orlene Hawks announced today. 

On Feb. 2, 2021, the Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery’s Disciplinary Subcommittee (Board) approved a consent order and stipulation that resolved a June 2020 complaint against Dr. Raymond Allard, 70, of Sheridan, Michigan. The Board’s action resulted in a one-year suspension of Allard’s license and a fine of $10,500 for the orthopedic surgeon.  

“Michiganders who seek medical care from a doctor expect professionalism and an expert opinion on health issues,” Nessel said. “We have rules in place to ensure the health care provided by doctors meets certain standards, and when that expectation is not met, action must be taken.” 

“When licensees violate the law and cause harm to patients, it is important that we take appropriate action to protect Michiganders,” said Orlene Hawks, director of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). “I am proud of our LARA team members and our Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery for their efforts in this case and appreciate the office of the Attorney General for their support and assistance.” 

Allard had previous disciplinary action taken against him as well.  In August 2019, the Board issued a final order that Allard violated sections of the Public Health Code for failing to meet the standard of care in performing orthopedic surgery, resulting in high infection rates among patients, and failing to diagnose and treat infections, properly maintain patient charts, and interact professionally with patients and staff. 

The Board imposed a limitation on Allard's license requiring direct, on-site supervision until he successfully completed a comprehensive competency assessment and a boundaries course through the Center for Personalized Education for Professionals (CPEP) and obtained a satisfactory psychiatric evaluation. In addition to the limitation, Allard was placed on probation to complete any educational interventions or activities that CPEP required as a result of the assessment and ordered to pay a fine. 

In June 2020, LARA summarily suspended Allard’s license and filed a complaint alleging multiple violations of the Public Health Code: 

  • Failing to release medical records to a patient;
  • Failing to comply with the August 2019 order;
  • Providing confidential patient information to another individual; and
  • Bizarre behavior exhibited and inappropriate conduct and sexual advances toward patients.

To reinstate his license, Allard must complete professional assessments through the CPEP, among other terms.