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Court Reinstates AG Nessel Claim Against Opioid Defendants

LANSING – Michigan’s lawsuit in Wayne County Circuit Court against major opioid distributors scored a significant win, Attorney General Dana Nessel announced today. 

Judge Patricia Perez Fresard granted a motion filed by Nessel seeking to reinstate a claim against the defendants that had been previously dismissed.  

Attorney General Dana Nessel, representing the State of Michigan, filed a lawsuit in December 2019 against Cardinal Health Inc., McKesson Corp., AmerisourceBergen Drug Corp. and Walgreens for their lack of oversight of the distribution and sale of opioid products.  

“We appreciate the court determining our claim of statutory nuisance against these companies is appropriate to proceed,” Nessel said. “This ruling reflects some of the hard work going on every day in my office and beyond to hold those with shared responsibility for the opioid epidemic accountable.”  

The suit alleges these companies knowingly participated in the illegal distribution of prescription opioids purchased by Michigan residents and are liable to the State of Michigan under the Drug Dealer Liability Act as well as statutory nuisance grounds. 

A copy of Judge Fresard’s order is available here.  

A copy of the complaint filed in December is available here.