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Attorney General Nessel Announces Appointment of Ingham and Isabella County Public Administrators

LANSING – Attorney General Dana Nessel today announced the appointments of Ernscie Augustin as the Ingham County Public Administrator and Mark Pasquali as the Isabella County Public Administrator.  Augustin and Pasquali are Nessel’s sixth and seventh county public administrator (CPA) appointments as Attorney General.

Swearing-in ceremonies for the county public administrators were conducted electronically. Augustin was sworn in on September 26 and Pasquali was sworn in on September 27.

Augustin, a resident of East Lansing, is a native of Florida and moved to Michigan to attend college and law school at Michigan State University. She is a partner at Nigg and Augustin in East Lansing and her practice primarily consists of probate and estate matters.  

Pasquali, a resident of Mount Pleasant, also attended Michigan State University for his undergraduate and law education. His firm is Pasquali Law Offices, PLLC in Mount Pleasant and Canadian Lakes. His practice primarily consists of probate and estate matters, and he is the current president of the Isabella County Bar Association. 

"Ms. Augustin and Mr. Pasquali each bring tremendous integrity and experience to a position that requires the greatest regard of trust and care," said Nessel. “They both have a strong commitment to their communities and residents of Michigan will be well represented by their public administrator service.”

CPAs have oversight responsibilities in deceased estate probate matters where there are no heirs or unknown heirs and no will. State law defines who is considered an heir. If a person dies and has no living relatives and leaves no will, then the CPA is appointed by the county probate judge to be the personal representative of the estate. The CPA ensures all bills are paid and the remaining estate assets are sent to the state treasurer on behalf of the people of the State of Michigan.

CPAs have primary private practice responsibilities outside of their appointment and their limited responsibility as a public administrator is outlined above.

The Attorney General’s website maintains a County Public Administrators contact list.

A photo of Ernscie Augustin is available here.

A photo of Mark Pasquali is available here.


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