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AG Nessel Secures Permanent Injunction to Shut Down Unlicensed Oakland County Adult Foster Care Facility

LANSING – Oakland County Circuit Court Judge David M. Cohen granted a permanent injunction against Erica Edwards and her unlicensed adult foster care facility ETE Homes Inc., doing business as Talison Assisted Living, announced Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel. A preliminary injunction was granted in December 2023 at the Attorney General’s request following an investigation by the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA), and upon receiving notice that Edwards would not voluntarily cease operating the unlicensed facility. 

LARA investigated the facility following a complaint received by the agency in March of 2023. They found Edwards to be operating the facility in a residential home with live-in staff, housing at least eight foster care residents, at least one of which required physical assistance and some requiring around-the-clock care, that staff administered medication, and that the facility accepted payment from its residents, all without the proper licensure. Judge Cohen ruled late last year the facility was in violation of the Adult Foster Care Facility Licensing Act and enjoined Edwards, and her companies, agents, or employees from providing unlicensed care with a preliminary injunction.    

The terms of the preliminary injunction were issued once again as a permanent injunction by Judge Cohen last week in the 6th Circuit Court in Oakland County, on June 5th.   

"Thousands of Michigan families rely on and trust adult foster care to be a safe haven for their loved ones,” Nessel said. “Lacking proper training and oversight, unlicensed facilities put residents at risk, and my office will continue to pursue bad actors that endanger their overall well-being. To ensure your loved one receives the best possible care, remember to always research a facility’s history and verify their license with LARA.”    

Under the injunction, Edwards must cooperate with Adult Protective Services workers and related agencies to discharge and relocate residents in need of adult foster care. In addition, Edwards must grant LARA staff, Adult Protective Services, Community Mental Health, law enforcement, and medical personnel access to the premises and residents. Residents will be relocated to an appropriate facility or setting as necessary.


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