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MSHDA Logo Request

Trademark Usage Policy:

Trademarks are valuable assets.  The strength of a trademark depends upon its consistent and appropriate use. Use not in accordance with this Policy may dilute the trademarks and make them more difficult to protect, and may constitute trademark infringement and unfair competition under state and federal laws. In following this Policy, you help us protect our valuable trademark rights and strengthen our entity and brand identities. A list of all MSHDA trademarks is attached as Brand Guidelines to this Policy, and contains appropriate style information for each trademark.

Trademark Rights:

As the owner of its trademarks, MSHDA has the exclusive right to use its trademarks, as well as the right to stop others from using its trademarks improperly or without authorization.  Identification of MSHDA products or services is the sole permissible use of MSHDA trademarks.  The following is a non-exhaustive list of impermissible uses of MSHDA trademarks and logos:

  •  No MSHDA trademark may be incorporated into or used as part of a third party’s own logo, company name, product logo or otherwise.
  • No MSHDA trademark may be used in any way that is likely to be confusing, misleading or deceptive as to the true identity or source of products, services, materials, courses or programs.
  •  No mark that is misleadingly similar in design or appearance to any MSHDA mark or infringes on MSHDA trademark rights may be used.
  •  No MSHDA trademark may be used in any manner that is likely to disparage, dilute or negatively affect MSHDA’s reputation.
  •  No MSHDA trademark may be used in a way that is likely to imply that the user, its products, or its services are endorsed by, sponsored or affiliated with MSHDA, without written permission from MSHDA.

MSHDA will pursue its legal rights against those who engage in any of the aforementioned activities or any other activities that infringe on MSHDA trademark rights.


MSHDA trademarks may be used by third-parties only when such party enters into an Agreement with MSHDA.  If a company or individual has a valid  Agreement in effect with MSHDA, that company or individual must use the logo in accordance with the specifications described in the  Agreement.  Those specifications are use-specific, and will not be addressed in this general policy.  In the event that the terms of an individual Agreement and this Policy conflict, the terms of the individual Agreement shall govern.  A third-party whose Agreement does not describe limitations on use of the trademark should follow the general guidelines set forth below.

  •  MSHDA trademarks may only be used in accordance with the Brand Guidelines.  The Brand Guidelines contain jpeg images of MSHDA marks that are suitable for use, and contain the appropriate trademark notice symbol (® or ™) that must accompany each mark.
  •  Prior to publication or release, written approval by MSHDA must be received by all third parties of advertising and/or marketing collateral or other materials that use MSHDA trademarks.  Except as provided within an individual Agreement, third parties shall not use any other trademark or service mark in close proximity to any of the MSHDA trademarks or combine marks in either case so as to effectively create a unitary composite mark.  Except as provided within an individual  Agreement, third parties may not use any MSHDA trademark as part of their own logo or company name or in third party advertising, product packaging, Web site or other promotional materials. As such, neither domain names nor metatags in third party Web sites may use or include MSHDA trademarks without MSHDA’s advance written consent.  Additionally, without MSHDA’s advance written consent, third parties may not hyperlink or deep link to MSHDA Web pages, unless the third party provides clear and unmistakable notice that the end user is exiting that Web site and entering the MSHDA Web site.  The sole circumstance under which deep linking is permissible is when a need for information on MSHDA products, programs, or services exists on the third-party Web site.

I agree to the above conditions.