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Contractor Assistance Program (CAP)

The Contractor Assistance Program was created with $1.7 million in funding from the Housing and Community Development Fund. This program will help deploy training and technical assistance to individuals seeking to participate in the skilled construction trades, along with those seeking to become licensed builders. Contractors, small businesses and emerging developers who need assistance to secure and complete large projects are also eligible for CAP assistance.

Program Goal: Increase the number of those who are employed in the construction workforce and to help contractor’s and emerging developers to increase their capacity for larger contracts and projects.

This program is linked directly to the Statewide Housing Plan and the Governor’s urgent call to expand and enhance Michigan’s housing stock by training the necessary workforce.

  • CAP will prepare hundreds of builders to take and eventually pass the Residential Builder’s License Exam and provide them with additional training on Fair Housing and Accessible/Adaptable Housing.
  • CAP will introduce scores of future contractors and developers to existing contractors and developers with the possibility of partnering on future projects.
  • CAP will aid the Governor in assisting Geographically Disadvantaged Business Enterprises by intensively marketing the program in Qualified Census.

The Contractor Assistance Program is brought to you by MSHDA and is administered by Herco and Detroit Training Center LLC.