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Income Rent and Utility Limits

Latest Updates

05/15/2023 County Income Limits and Placed In Service Date Chart

  • The 2010 through 2022 PIS Charts, placed in service between 05/14/2010 - 05/14/2023, were combined in 2023.

Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA):

08/14/2023 Metropolitan Statistical Areas

LIHTC, 1602, TCAP, MSHDA Direct Lending and Pass-Through Programs:

(Direct Lending programs include: developments funded under tax-exempt and taxable bond financing programs, including One Percent, 80/20, 70/30, TEAM and HOME TEAM Advantage.)

Due to changes from HERA and the elimination of HUD's Hold Harmless Policy, there are now seven (7) different sets of income and rent limits for these programs. The applicable set of limits is based on a property's placed in service date, as discussed below.

Placed in Service (PIS) Dates:

  • For acquisition/rehab projects, use the projects* acquisition PIS date
  • For rehab only developments, use the projects* rehab PIS date
  • For new construction, use the projects* Certification of Occupancy date
  • PIS dates will change for properties that get:
    • A second allocation of LIHTC; or
    • 1602 funds added to current properties

* Each building in the project must be treated as a separate project for LIHTC purposes unless the owner has/will elected the buildings to be collectively treated as one property per the 8609 Part II question 8b. If buildings are collectively treated as one project, the PIS date of the first building is the applicable PIS date.

05-15-2023 Income Limits:

Historical Income and Rent Limits can be found here.

Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) - Section 8 Income & Rent Limits:

Income Limits: HUD has posted income limits for the NSP Program. These limits can be found on the following HUD webpage. Please note that Michigan is State ID #26:

06/15/2023 NSP Income Limits (HUD Exchange)

Rent Limits: The NSP program has several methods for determining rent limits. If based on HOME limits, use current HOME limits below. If MTSP use the appropriate chart above for your LIHTC program. If based on current Section 8 limits, use the chart below:

05-15-2023 Income and Rent Limits

Historical Income and Rent Limits can be found here.

Missing Middle Program Limits

Income Limits: These are for the Rental Program, which use a range from 60% to 120% AMI.  Please pick the limit that the household does not exceed at Move-in based on number of occupants in the household:

05/15/2023    Missing Middle Income Limits

Rent Limits: Rental limits cannot exceed the 120% AMI Limit.

Other Programs Income and Rent Limits

06/15/2023 Housing Trust Fund Income Limits (HUD Exchange)
06/15/2023 Housing Trust Fund Rent Limits (HUD Exchange)
05/15/2023 Section 8 and Section 236 Income limits (HUDuser)
06/15/2023 HOME Income Limits (HUD Exchange)
06/15/2023 HOME Rent Limits (HUD Exchange)
04/19/2023 Fair Market Rents (HUDuser)

Utility Allowances can be found here.