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MSHDA Housing Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Program

Guidance Document on Housing TIF Submissions to MSHDA

Governing bodies and/or Brownfield Redevelopment Authorities (BRAs) should follow MSHDA’s Housing TIF Program Statement (specifically Addendum II ) for all Housing TIF submissions.  All questions or information outlined in Addendum II must be addressed in the initial submission to MSHDA.

NEW - Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions document provides further information about the Housing TIF Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Notice of Public Hearing” for Housing TIF

Governing bodies and/or Brownfield Redevelopment Authorities (BRAs), when providing a brownfield plan “Notice of Public Hearing” to MSHDA under Section 14 of Public Act 90 of 2023, please email the Notice to not less than 10 days prior to your scheduled Public Hearing. 

UPDATE - Control Rents

On an annual basis, MSHDA will publish the Control Rents, by County, that can be used in completing the Potential Rent Loss (PRL) calculation.

MSHDA Housing TIF Program Control Rents

Housing Subsidy Calculation

MSHDA has developed the Potential Rent Loss (PRL) and Potential Development Loss (PDL) Calculations plus a Total Housing Subsidy (THS) Calculation to establish the reasonableness of certain housing activities for which tax capture is being planned.  MSHDA is interested in gathering feedback on this calculation methodology in order to ensure that this Housing TIF Program is meeting the need of developers and communities. Initial review and feedback from stakeholders will help MSHDA craft the most appropriate process possible so please take this opportunity to respond to this information. All comments, questions, and general feedback can be sent to:

Housing TIF Program Statement

On September 29, 2023, the MSHDA Board approved the MSHDA Housing Tax Increment Financing Program Statement.  This document, as adopted by the MSHDA Board, outlines program requirements, timeline and process, and MSHDA staff review criteria.

MSHDA Housing Tax Increment Financing Program Statement

Housing TIF Program Legislation

On July 18, 2023, legislation was signed to amend 1996 Public Act 381, the Brownfield Redevelopment Financing Act, and gives MSHDA new review, oversight, and funding roles. This includes Tax Increment Financing for housing.  Interested parties can view the legislation at Michigan Legislature - Senate Bill 0129 (2023)

Information Session Review 

On October 2nd, 6th, and 9th of 2023, MSHDA held Virtual Information Sessions for Consultants, Developers, and Municipalities/BRAs.  The slides and recording from the Information Session held on October 9, 2023 are available for viewing below.

Housing TIF Virtual Information Session Slides

Housing TIF Virtual Information Session Recording 



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