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Contact MSHDA


Gary Heidel, Acting MSHDA Executive Director
MSHDA Organizational Charts

Troy Thelen, Director, Asset Management

The Asset Management division (AMD) strengthens Michigan communities by overseeing the financial and physical well-being of the Authority's affordable housing portfolio and HUD's PBCA program. AMD also protects MSHDA assets and helps preserve MSHDA mortgages.

Programs Include:

Affordable Rental Housing Directory (MIPIE), Michigan Housing Locator, Asset Management of MSHDA's Multifamily Portfolio, Performance Based Contract Administration

Telephone: 517-241-2560

Compliance for Rental Housing
Telephone: 517-241-2560
Fax: 517-241-8471 or 517-335-0125

MSHDA Properties Resident Concerns line: 517-335-0190
Toll Free: 844-674-3224

Jonathan Hilliker, Manager, Auditing, Compliance and Fraud Investigation

To report Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) fraud, please use one of the following methods:

Mary Townley, Director, Homeownership

MSHDA’s Homeownership Division delivers responsive homeownership products, education, and technical assistance that empower our customers and strengthen and sustain Michigan communities.

Toll Free: 844-984-HOME
Lansing Telephone: 517-335-9928
Detroit Telephone: 313-456-3540
Fax: 517-335-7081

Clarence Stone, Director, Legal Affairs

The Legal Affairs division provides professional legal advice and support to the Authority.

Lansing Telephone: 517-335-9935
Detroit Telephone: 313-456-3600

Gary Heidel, Acting Director, Housing Initiatives, Regional Prosperity Initiatives Contact

The Housing Initiatives Division supports affordable housing and vibrant places through financial resources, technical assistance, and training to our local and statewide partners.

Programs Include:

Place-based Planning, Housing Resource Fund - HOME, Predevelopment Loans, Statewide Partnership Grants, MSHDA MOD, Outreach, Communities / Neighborhood Enhancement

Telephone: 517-335-2524
Fax: 517-241-6672

Kelly Rose, Chief Housing Solutions Officer

The Rental Assistance and Homeless Solutions division supports those in need with dignity and respect to provide stable housing opportunities and overcome homelessness through a community and team approach.

Programs Include:

Housing Choice Voucher Program, Homeless Grants Program, Family Self-Sufficiency Program, Key to Own Program

Lansing Telephone: 517-241-0809
Detroit Telephone: 313-456-3540

Family Self-Sufficiency Program: 517-335-9957
Key to Own Homeownership: 517-241-4474

Homeless Assistance Specialist Map

Chad Benson, Director, Rental Development

The Rental Development division delivers creative and adaptive solutions that support the development of safe, affordable, quality rental housing in Michigan.

Programs Include:

Pass Through Program, Tax-exempt and Taxable Bond Lending Program, Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)

Office Telephone: 517-335-9802

Low Income Housing Tax Credit
Telephone: 517-335-9802