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Environmental Review

Below are documents intended to help both developers and contractors better understand the Environmental Review process and associated requirements. A flow chart generally describing the process and a list of prequalified environmental consultants are available.

The MSHDA Qualified Consultants List provides developers with a list of environmental consultants that have demonstrated knowledge of MSHDA's Environmental Review Requirements and can provide the necessary reports and documentation needed to meet MSHDA's Environmental Review Requirements. The prequalified consultant list divided firms into two categories depending on the type of service they are prequalified to provide:

"Group A" consultants are prequalified to provide such services as Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments with MSHDA "non-scope" items, Baseline Environmental Assessments, Documentation of Due Care Compliance, peer-review services, and, through their own qualifications or those of a qualified subcontractor, lead-based paint Risk Assessments and Inspections, NESHAP-compliant asbestos inspections, AARST-compliant multi-family radon testing, etc.

NOTE: Though recommended, it is not mandatory for sponsors to use a "Group A" prequalified contractor. "Group A" services may be provided by any qualified environmental consulting firm. However, sponsors who elect to use environmental consultants not on the prequalified list are responsible for any cost incurred by MSHDA is additional technical review or assistance is required.

"Group B" services include the writing, preparing, and submitting of specialized Environmental Assessments and/or Statutory Checklist reports to MSHDA for the purposes of demonstrating compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). NEPA reports are required for all projects requesting federal funds.

NOTE: "Group B" services, on the other hand, owing to the critical and specialized nature of the report, must be provided by a "Group B" prequalified consultant.

Here are some links we hope you find helpful. These links are outside of the Michigan State Housing Development Authority's web site, and are provided for information purposes only.

Environmental Information