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Multi Family Direct Lending Programs

Direct Lending Parameters and Updates

Direct Lending Gap Financing - Special Round 

    Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) Gap Financing 

    Round 18 Gap Financing Program and Updates

    Round 17 Gap Financing Program and Updates

    Round 16 Gap Financing Program and Updates

    Equity Bridge Loan Program and Updates

    Notice of Intent to Apply, LIHTC Application and Exhibit Requirements for Direct Lending Programs

    • Notice of Intent to Apply (Typically required for all Direct Lending proposals, and Level One Reviews for 9% Preservation and Pass Through proposals) - Updated April 1, 2024
    • LIHTC Program Application (link will take you to MSHDA's Combined Application for Rental Housing Programs page for the most recent LIHTC Application). Required for all direct lending proposals when invited following the Notice of Intent to Apply phase.
    • Addendum IV Exhibit Checklist (Required documents to be submitted along with the LIHTC Application) - Updated April 20, 2023

    Other Information

    Parameters from Past Years

    Gap Financing Program NOFA Rankings from Past Rounds

    HTF Financing Program NOFA Conditional Awards by Rounds