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Fraud Complaint Form


Fill out this form providing as much detailed information as possible. Your description of any allegation can be submitted alone, or with supporting documentation. Please note that if MSHDA is unable to substantiate the allegation(s), the investigation may be closed without any further action. You may choose to remain anonymous; however, if you provide your contact information, you may be contacted for additional information. Due to privacy and confidentiality restrictions, please be aware that MSHDA will not provide you with status updates, investigation results, or other information regarding complaints and/or investigations. By submitting this form, you agree MSHDA may use the information provided for any purpose, including, but not limited to administrative hearings.  You also permit MSHDA to forward any information provided to other government agencies.


Provide information about the person who engaged in the alleged fraud, waste, or abuse involving MSHDA:

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What and When?

Provide details of the fraud, waste, or abuse you are reporting. This should include what has happened and when it started, how long it has been going on, how you became aware of it and when, and anything else you believe to be relevant: *

Examples of facts and circumstances may include but are not limited to: a description of the misconduct; how you know about the allegation; how and when the misconduct was discovered; how long the alleged misconduct occurred; and any other information you believe may be relevant.

For fraud within the Housing Choice Voucher program (Section 8), examples of circumstances may include but are not limited to: Unreported income, drug or violent criminal offenses, unreported people living in the MSHDA-assisted unit, landlord collecting additional money, landlord living in the unit, tenant related to landlord, etc.


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