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Construction Contracts

Below are MSHDA's required construction contract forms which can be filled in online and printed, or saved to your computer as blank forms for later use. Some forms, such as the General Conditions of Construction Contract, are not editable and serve as a source of information only.

Owner-Architect Agreement
Construction Contract 
Early Start Agreement
General Conditions of Construction Contract (w/Fed Funds)
General Conditions of Construction Contract (w/out Fed Funds)
General Conditions (Federal PW + Section 3)
General Conditions (Federal Section 3 only)
Pending Disbursement Endorsement to Mortgage Loan Policy
Performance Bond - Dual Obligee
Payment Bond
Language to be Incorporated on Survey
Surveyor Certificate of Facts
Completion Assurance Agreement 
Disbursements Through Title Company Agreement
Incentive Payment Agreement

If you would like to contact us regarding these contracts, please email a staff attorney or call our legal department at 517-373-8295.