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Building Michigan Homes

We are raising the bar

In 2021, Governor Gretchen Whitmer set a statewide goal of building and rehabbing 75,000 new homes in five years—by September 2026. 

Because of our hard work, we will reach that target in May 2025. So we are raising the bar.

We've increased our five-year statewide housing target to 115,000 units—a 53% increase. MSHDA will continue tracking progress toward this goal. 

By building more housing, we can expand supply and lower costs; make our big cities and small towns better places to live, work, and invest; and we can attract and retain the talent we need to grow Michigan’s economy.

 home building permit graph


Homes built in the past 12 months

We’ve been busy

As Michigan's housing authority, it is our mission to invest state and federal funds across our great state. Stable and affordable housing provides communities a strong foundation for jobs, culture and growth. Here is where that investment has been going...


We’ve been busy Video