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811 Project Rental Assistance Contract Execution

Owner Documents for 811PRA Contract Execution

The following documents are to be executed between MSHDA and the owner of a multi-family property, prior to the property fully participating in the 811PRA program.

HUD 92240-PRA Agreement to Enter into a Rental Assistance Contract (ARAC)
When the property is a new development, this document is the first HUD document that requires execution between the owner and MSHDA. Part I of the ARAC obligates the owner to enter into a RAC once the participating eligible multi-family property is ready for occupants. A Rental Assistance Contract (RAC) must then be executed to receive payment for units.

HUD 92235-PRA Rental Assistance Contract (RAC) – Part I
MSHDA will execute the HUD required Rental Assistance Contract (RAC) with each owner of an eligible multi-family property that has qualified to provide eligible 811PRA tenants with rental assistance; whether the property be a new construction that is ready for occupants, or a property which has been through major renovations, or a property that already has occupants, and no major renovation has being done. MSHDA will not disburse rental assistance payments to the owners of eligible multi-family properties until the RAC is executed. Part I collects information that is specific to the owner's participating eligible multi-family property.

HUD 92237-PRA Rental Assistance Contract (RAC) – Part II
Part II of the RAC identifies additional program requirements and collects information that is specific to the owner’s participation in the 811PRA program.

RAC Checklist
To be submitted along with RAC.

HUD 92458 Rent Schedule
Must be submitted to MSDHA when requesting changes to rent or utility allowances

HUD 92238-PRA Use Agreement
Owners must agree to record a Use Agreement for not less than thirty (30) years. During the Use Agreement period, owners shall make the MSHDA-approved number of 811PRA assisted units available for occupancy to individuals of the target populations, contingent on 811PRA funding availability.

Additional 811PRA Resources

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