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811 Project Rental Assistance Service Coordinators

Welcome Service Coordinators!

We are excited to have you as partners in the 811PRA program!

Please note the following:

Eligible Applicants:

  • Extremely low-income households with incomes at or below 30% of Area Median Income (AMI); which consist of at least one non-elderly adult with a disability, 18 years of age and less than 62 years of age at the time of admission into the property. The person with the disability must be eligible for community-based, long-term services as provided through Medicaid waivers, Medicaid state plan options, state funded services or other appropriate services.

There are five steps in the 811PRA application process:

Step One: Pre-Screening:

  • The applicant must meet program eligibility requirements of age, disability, and income and target population.
  • The Service Coordinator (SC) determines (and the Transition Plan must show) that referral of applicant to 811PRA program is appropriate.
  • The applicant and SC develop a Transition Plan outlining support services, resources to be secured and housing needs.

Step Two: 811PRA Referral:

  • If program eligible, MSHDA 811PRA Application and Verification Form must be completed and emailed to MSHDA. Additionally, a Release of Information must be completed by applicant and held by the SC to allow the SC to discuss program application with MSHDA.
  • Upon receipt of Application and Verification Form, MSHDA will ensure Application and Verification Form is complete.
  • The applicant’s name will be added to wait list. The applicant and the SC will be contacted when a unit becomes available.
  • The SC will continue to work with applicant to collect any additional documentation.

Step Three: Prepare Documents:

  • When applicant reaches top of wait list, MSHDA will contact the applicant and the SC.
  • Negative information on a criminal or background report may be explained as opportunity to focus upon applicant strengths as a future tenant.
  • MSHDA will refer applicant to 811PRA property once all required documentation has been collected.

Step Four: Tour Unit/Complete Application:

  • Applicant will set an appointment to tour unit. If unit meets applicant housing needs, property’s rental application and other necessary forms must be completed. The SC may assist with this step.
  • A background check may be requested on applicant and other adult members of household. Background check may include criminal background, credit check and prior landlord references. It is important for applicant to discuss background issues with the SC, and be prepared to answer any questions property manager may have related to background check.

Step Five: Lease and Preparing to Move:

  • If property accepts application, property manager will set an appointment for the applicant to sign lease, review house rules and sign other required paperwork.
  • The SC will ensure applicant has service supports and resources identified in Transition Plan.
  • With property manager and SC, a date will be set to pick up keys to unit, conduct pre-move inspection and set move-in date.
  • Prior to move-in, applicant is to make arrangements for utilities to be placed in applicant name, if required.

Forms and Materials:

Fair Housing

MSHDA Affirmative Marketing Plan - Must be provided to applicant, upon request.


Potential-Tenant Information Packet - Marketing the 811PRA program.

Tenant Application Materials

Complete Application Packet & HUD Brochures

HUD documents are available in many languages, and can be found on HUD’s translated materials website:

Questions? Please contact:

Cathy Sheets
811PRA Specialist