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Compliance Monitoring Policy Bulletins

02/13 LIHTC Compliance Policy #1: Gross Rent Floor Election

06/08 LIHTC Compliance Policy #2: Married Individuals Living Apart

02/05 LIHTC Compliance Policy #3: Deeper Targeting and Multiple AMGI Levels

10/98 LIHTC Compliance Policy #4: Prohibition Against Applying Minimum Income Requirements for Prospective Section 8 Recipients

10/15 LIHTC Compliance Policy #5 (See Chapter 3 of the Compliance Monitoring Manual): Child Support Documentation

09/07 LIHTC Compliance Policy #6: Non-Custodial Children as Household Members

06/08 LIHTC Compliance Policy #7: Common Area Units

06/20 LIHTC Compliance Policy #8: Compliance Monitoring Fees for Tax-Exempt Projects

06/20 LIHTC Compliance Policy #9: Agency Estimate of Utility Allowances for LIHTC Developments

07/14 LIHTC Compliance Policy #10: Requirements For Substituting A REAC Or RHS Inspection For A MSHDA Inspection

07/22 Compliance Policy #11: Requirements For Missing Middle Program

LIHTC Fee Schedule

02/28/2022 LIHTC Fee Schedule: Includes both Allocation and Compliance Fees

08/16/2021 LIHTC Policies: Tab W of the Combined Application