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Qualified Contract Procedures Guide

The Qualified Contract Procedures Guide (Guide) outlines the procedures an owner of a LIHTC project with an expiring compliance period must follow to request MSHDA to present a Qualified Contract for the purchase of the LIHTC project.

Qualified Contract Procedures Guide:

04/20 Qualified Contract Procedures Guide (PDF)


05/18 Appendix 1 - Preliminary Application (Form QCR-PA) (Word)
05/18 Appendix 2 - Qualified Contract Request (Form QCR) (Word)
01/24 Appendix 3 - Qualified Contract Price Worksheets A-E (Excel)
10/18 Appendix 4 - Independent Accountant's Report On Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures (Word)
05/18 Appendix 5 - Conflict Of Interest Disclosure (Word)
05/18 Appendix 6 - Sample Tenant Notification Letters (PDF)